International Court of Justice (ICJ)

The ICJ will examine the legal implications of hot-button issues pushing international policy and controversy today — the blurry international legal arenas of civil strife and the internationalization of domestic conflict — and, within the confines of international law, provide guidance and clarity through seminal verdicts and decisive judgments. Topics are as follows:

1. Bangladesh v. Myanmar

Status of the Rohingya people; obligations of states with regards to refugees. Debate will revolve around the legal precedent and international practice concerning the treatment of refugees and the ramifications of statelessness.

2. Turkey v. Syria

Nature of the Syrian conflict; legality of the use of chemical weapons. Debate will revolve around the nature of intrastate war in an international context; applicability of international humanitarian law and the rules of war; and the tension between supposedly universal international norms and state sovereignty.

The ICJ is our flagship General Assembly and is geared for ambitious delegates who wish to take their MUN experience to a new level. We invite experienced delegates to take on the ICJ's challenges.


Position Papers:

To be eligible for individual awards, delegates in GA committees are required to submit a position paper. Each delegate should consult the background guide for format and guidance on the position paper. Submissions are due to their chair via email by 11:59 pm on December 1st, 2017. The delegate with the best research will also receive the Position Paper Award. The delegate with the best research will also receive the Position Paper Award. 

Find the court's decision from EmpireMUNC IV here!