The Third of the General Assemblies, the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Issues committee, will turn its attention towards combatting two pressing phenomenon:


1. Human rights and the persecution of the LGBTQ community 

The plight of the LGBTQ community throughout history is a tragedy and blatant example of the disregard of our neighbors often at the root of our problems. Our goal is to uphold human rights, especially of those currently facing oppression. Tradition will be difficult to overcome in many countries, and compromise will be required to achieve any meaningful change through a global institution. If chosen as a topic, the committee would focus on solutions that legally enforce or socially promote recently passed landmark resolutions and rulings, as well as putting forth and delivering any new, effective courses of action delegates propose.

2. Xenophobia and Anti-refugee Sentiment

Animosity towards foreigners and immigrants is in the same vein. Unbridled nationalism and racism breeds contempt, disunity, and dangerous populism, a trend that must be curbed. If it is not, the international mission that lies at the core of the United Nations will be increasingly threatened. If selected for debate, the committee focus would be on producing and recommending the implementation of novel ideas and initiatives. Past international efforts have largely failed those affected by the devastation of or forced deportation from their homes.


Position Papers:

To be eligible for individual awards, delegates in GA committees are required to submit a position paper. Position papers should approach each topic from the perspective of the delegate’s nation, with an aim to identify and analyze ongoing actions relevant to the topic. Strong position papers form the foundation for more in-depth research into the topics and can provide a plan for an effective performance in committee. Delegates do not need to outline individual solutions, but should rather focus on their country’s view of the problem and general categories or areas for solutions. Delegates should cover each topic within one single spaced page, (no more than 2 pages total for both topics). Submissions are due to the chair via email by 11:59 pm on December 1st, 2017. The delegate with the best research will also receive the Position Paper Award. For a sample paper, please click here