Conference Fees


Small Delegations

For teams of 14 delegates or fewer.

Early Registration Offer -
$50 / delegate

Regular Registration Fee -
$60 / delegate

Large Delegations

For teams larger than 14 delegates.

Early Delegation Offer -
$650 / delegation

Regular Delegation Fee -
$750 / delegation


Some points of order:

1. Delegation fees are inclusive of the individual delegate fees and the delegation fee.
We charge large delegations (15-17 delegates) a flat rate to maximize their ability to bring the most students and get the most value. Small delegations are eligible to register with a per/delegate fee. Delegations comprised of 14 delegates or fewer will be considered small delegations and pay fees per-delegate, rather than per-delegation.

2. The maximum delegation size permissible is 17. We will attempt to distribute your delegates among each of our committees as evenly as possible. We welcome you to bring advisors, and do not assess advisor fees of any kind. If you'd like to bring more than 17 delegates, we are happy to arrange registration of multiple-delegations from the same school. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information on how.

3. Fees must be received in full before the end of the registration period. If you would like to qualify for the discounted early rate ($650 per large delegation - $50/delegate for small delegations), please submit your registration by August 10th, 2018. Every delegation that signs up for early registration will be responsible for paying their fees in full within one month of their registration.

4. Registration fees go towards covering the administrative and operational costs of the conference. All delegates are responsible for making their own transportation and accommodation arrangements, or are encouraged to consider staying with our partner hotel at a reduced rate.