Meet Our Administrative Team

The Directorate is responsible for all major decision-making, serving as the backbone for the conference.

Javier Beltranena

Javier is a Junior at Stern School of Business concentrating in Finance and minoring in Public Policy & Management. He was originally born in Guatemala, moved to El Salvador when he was only 6 months old and then moved to Mexico City by the age of 8. He first participated in a Model UN conference in 7th grade as a delegate. Since then he has debated, moderated, chaired and been part of directorate for several other conferences. This is Javier’s fourth year participating in EmpireMUNC. He previously served as a chair to the Organization of American States during EmpireMUNC III and as Director of Delegate Affairs for EmpireMUNC IV and V.

When he is not overworking himself with EmpireMUNC business you will probably find him watching soccer games, singing along to musicals, or overeating in every restaurant in NYC. Extra friendship points to any FC Barcelona fan out there. Javier is really excited to raise the bar even higher as he builds the #RoadtoVIctory. He is looking forward to welcoming back all delegates and advisors who have enjoyed our past conferences as well as meeting new delegations from every corner of the country and the world who want to join our Empire.

Carina Kenney

Carina is a current Junior at NYU, studying History and Anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences. Originally from San Diego, California, Carina had never done Model UN before college, but has since found an amazing group of friends in this club. Since joining she has been a Vice Chair, Assistant Crisis Director, and Chair for various committees. Carina also served as Director of Logistics during EmpireMUNC V.

Outside of being a student at NYU and doing Model UN, Carina enjoys collecting comic books and attending the opera. She is also an avid petter of dogs and enjoys spending time at the many museums that can be found here in New York. She is extremely excited to serve as Director General and hopes that you have an incredible time at EmpireMUNC VI!


Shiv soin
Director of General assembly

Shiv is a freshman at the College of Arts and Science majoring in Economics and Politics and minoring in Public Policy and Management. He is a proud New Jersey native, being born in Newark and raised in Edison. Shiv has been competing in Model UN since seventh grade. This is his second EmpireMUNC, previously serving as the Chair for the UN Security Council in EmpireMUNC V. Shiv is also a chair for the MickeyMen JCC committee for NYU’s sister conference, NYUMUNC.

Outside of Model UN, Shiv loves to keep up with politics around the world and watch comedy shows (anything from John Mulaney being his favorite). Shiv is extremely excited to serve as the Director of General Assemblies for EmpireMUNC VI and hopes that delegates will have a fun and educational experience!

Tanner Decanio
Director of General crisis

Tanner is currently a junior at the Stern School of Business concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Spanish. Born and raised in the Empire State, Tanner has been heavily involved in Model UN since high school. First competing at EmpireMUNC I as a delegate, Tanner found his Model UN family freshman year and has served as a Staffer, Crisis Director, and Directorate Member at EmpireMUNC V.

When not involved in Model UN or arguing with his roomate Carina, Tanner is usually spending an inordinate amount of time rock climbing, watching Netflix, or in an NYU dining hall. EmpireMUNC VI will be Tanner’s sixth and last EmpireMUNC, and while he’s sad to leave the conference, he has full faith that it will be the best EmpireMUNC yet.

Kiera Eriksen-McAuliffe
Director of joint crisis

Kiera is a sophomore double majoring in history and politics. She was born in Virginia, but grew up in Denver, Colorado and is in her third year of doing MUN, having started in college. She has previously been an Assistant Crisis Director for Empire MUNCV and staffed for NYU MUNC.

In her free time, Kiera likes binge watching historical dramas and visiting museums. She also loves attending plays when she can. She is thrilled to be on Directorate for the the first time and hopes Empire MUNC VI is the best yet!


Andrew stein
Director of marketing

Andrew is a Junior studying History and Business Studies. He was born in NYC and raised in New Jersey. Ever since High School, Andrew was actively involved in Model UN- holding the title of President of his Model UN Club for 3 years. After coming to NYU, Andrew served as a Vice Chair for EmpireMUNC IV’s German Reunification Committee after which he became the Marketing Director for EmpireMUNC V. Andrew is also an active member of NYU Model UN’s Travel Team and is serving as Vice Chair for NYUMUNC’s AdHoc Committee.

In his free time, Andrew is usually working at his part time job as an Analyst for a Real Estate Development firm or spilling the tea with his friends on the latest gossip. While on the weekends, you can commonly find him wandering SoHo looking for the latest sample sale. EmpireMUNC VI will be Andrew’s last EmpireMUNC as he is due to graduate in the Spring of 2020 but he is excited to be a part of the best iteration of EmpireMUNC ever.

Director of dELEGATE aFFAIRS

Candice is a sophomore studying Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience and a minor in Chemistry and Classics. She only ever started doing MUN her freshman year of college here at NYU, but has since staffed the Ottoman Empire during EmpireMUNC IV and served as Chair to the Republic of Gilead during EmpireMUNC V. Candice has also been a chair for NYUMUNC and is a member of NYU’s Travel Team.

When she’s not memorizing hydrocarbons or interning at Mount Sinai, Candice likes to practice martial arts, curl up with a good book while drinking too much coffee, and binge watch Netflix. She is extremely excited to serve as Director of Delegate Affairs and looks forward to collaborating with all of you, providing all the support needed to make #RoadtoVIctory the best EmpireMUNC conference yet!

Director of LOGISTICS

Caroline is a sophomore at NYU’s College of Arts and Science studying Politics and Public Policy. Born in Buffalo, NY, Caroline started her MUN journey in her freshman year of high school, and continued to compete more actively after moving to Princeton, NJ at age 15. During her college career, she has served as a committee chair multiple times, and assisted last year’s Director of Logistics, Carina Kenney, as a Logistics Coordinator in EmpireMUNC V.

When she isn’t working on MUN or studying, Caroline spends her time interning for NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, designing shirts for OPINIONATED Clothes, or binge-watching Pretty Little Liars. She is an avid sugar-eater and dog-lover, and she is incredibly excited to be a part of this year’s Directorate!


Selena is a junior at the College of Arts and Science majoring in Biology and minoring in Politics and Bioinformatics. Hailing from Jamaica, Queens, her New York attitude helped when competing in Model UN during high school. Since, she has been part of the EmpireMUNC, having served as an Assistant Crisis Director, Chair of CSW, and Director of General Assemblies before taking on the role of Co-Director of Staff Affairs with Shazia.

Outside of Model UN, Selena can be found interning at NYU’s School of Medicine, various dance workshops around the city, or at the nearest ice-cream parlor. She is happy not only to be serving on directorate to take care of our staff, but to make this the most exciting EmpireMUNC conference yet!


Shazia Ahmed is a sophomore NYU majoring in Economics with a minor in Public Policy. She has a background in Liberal Studies and is very humanities focused in her coursework. Shazia is from the DMV area and loves to use slang such as “hip” or “sice” to remind everyone about it. MUN has been a big part of her life as she started in her freshman year in high school. This year, she will be serving as Co-Director of Staff Affairs with her mentor Selena Gupta.

Outside of MUN, Shazia is involved in Amnesty International, Coffee Club, and Strive NYU. She is currently interning at a social enterprise based in the City University of New York dealing with both international and local projects such as food security in Madagascar to New York community schools. In her free time, she will be napping in the sun, watching Vine compilations, or playing daily Sudoku challenges. She is exciting to be on directorate to care for our staff and to make this the best EmpireMUNC conference yet!