Meet Our Administrative Team

The Directorate is responsible for all major decision-making, serving as the backbone for the conference.


Sunny hong

Now in her fourth year at NYU, Sunny is excited and honored to serve as Secretary-General for EmpireMUNC V. Hailing from rainy Seattle, Sunny is currently double majoring in Politics and Philosophy and minoring in Public Policy & Management. Her passion for Model UN began her sophomore year of high school and has since extended within NYUMUN and its many branches. Sunny has been involved with EmpireMUNC since freshman year serving as a Moderator for EmpireMUNC II and Director of General Assembly for both EmpireMUNC III and IV.

When she’s not working on Model UN, you can probably find Sunny ravaging the many bookstores in New York City, fangirling over the Marvel Universe, and reminiscing her study abroad in Prague (and the 30+ cities she backpacked). Otherwise, you can quickly befriend her through existential conversations, good food recommendations, and cute animal memes. She looks forward to meeting each and every one of you at what is to be the best EmpireMUNC yet.

Charles Lian

Charles is currently a senior at NYU's Stern School of Business studying Finance and Statistics. Originally from East Brunswick, New Jersey, Charles has been attending Model UN conferences since his sophomore year of high school. Over the last three years, Charles' extensive experience staffing EmpireMUNC has included serving as an ACD for EmpireMUNC II and a CD for EmpireMUNC IV. This year, Charles is excited to be your Director-General!

Outside of school and Model UN, Charles is a big sports fan and is an avid competitive video gamer. He loves talking baseball, soccer, football, basketball and will always gladly accept a FIFA challenge. An eternal foodie, Charles has a tendency to consume enormous amounts of food and can be found exploring many of New York City's best undiscovered restaurants. He currently resides in the East Village, where he spends most of his time hanging out with his friends.

Selena Gupta
Director, General Assemblies

Selena Gupta is a current junior at CAS majoring in Biology, while minoring in Politics and Bioinformatics. Straight out of Queens, NY, Selena spent all four years of her high school career competing primarily in the NYC-area for her Model UN Team. At NYU, she continued MUN, staffing as an ACD in EmpireMUNC III and the chair for CSW in the General Assemblies for EmpireMUNC IV.

Currently studying in Tel-Aviv, Israel for her spring semester, Selena has been spending her time discovering all that the region has to offer; from the lively city itself, to Jerusalem, the West Bank, Nazareth, and even Cyprus and Jordan, she can definitively say that the food and culture competes to that of NYC. Outside of school, Selena can be found interning at NYU’s School of Medicine or at the nearest ice-cream shop available to her.

Tanner decanio
Director, General Crisis Committees

Currently in his junior year at NYU, Tanner is at Stern double concentrating in Management and Marketing.  Originally born in New York, Tanner has spent most of his life living in the Empire State, with a nine year detour spent living in Florida.  First being introduced to Model UN in high school, he would spend all four years competing on the high school circuit before coming to NYU. After coming to NYU, Tanner quickly got involved across many branches of NYU Model UN.  First serving as an Assistant Crisis Director for EmpireMUNC III, then joining travel team and staffing NYUMUNC VIII before becoming a Crisis Director for EmpireMUNC IV.

Overall Tanner looks forward to spending entirely too much of his free time helping make EmpireMUNC V the best it possibly can be. Outside of Model UN, Tanner is trying to live his best life and enjoy living in New York City.  When not occupied with Model UN, Tanner can often be found rock climbing, eating colossal amounts of food, or hanging out with his friends and roommates, most of whom coincidentally happen to be involved in Model UN.

Kate holland
Director, Joint-Crisis Committees

Kate Holland is currently a junior at NYU studying Economics and Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences. Born and raised the San Francisco Bay Area, she received her first introduction to Model UN through her high school club, in which she participated for three years in addition to Model Congress and Mock Trial. In college, Kate has had the pleasure of serving in the Balkan League — an EmpireMUNC IV JCC — as Crisis Director, in Estados Sudamericanos — a NYUMUNC VIII JCC — as Assistant Crisis Director and in Chad — a GC committee in EmpireMUNC III. She found a wonderful community in NYU’s Model UN and she wishes for everyone, staff and delegates alike, to find the same sense of belonging that she did.

Currently studying abroad in London for her spring semester, Kate spends her spare time outside of Model UN exploring all that Britain has to offer. This includes museums, food, and landscapes in shades of green not found in perennially drought-ridden California. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her friends. Above all, as your Director of Joint Crisis, Kate hopes you find EmpireMUNC V to be an engaging, enriching, and exciting conference.

Javier Beltranena
Director, Delegate Affairs

Javier is a Junior at Stern School of Business concentrating in Finance and minoring in Public Policy & Management. He was originally born in Guatemala, moved to El Salvador when he was only 6 months old and then moved to Mexico City by the age of 8. He first participated in a Model UN conference in 7th grade as a delegate. Since then he has debated, moderated, chaired and been part of directorate for several other conferences. This is Javier’s third year participating in EmpireMUNC and his second year as Director of Delegate Affairs.

When he is not overworking himself with EmpireMUNC business you will probably find him watching soccer games, singing along to musicals, or overeating in every restaurant in NYC. Extra friendship points to any FC Barcelona fan out there. Javier is really excited to raise the bar even higher as #Empire5trikesBack. He is looking forward to welcoming back all delegates and advisors who have enjoyed our past conferences as well as meeting new delegations from every corner of the country and the world who want to join our Empire.

lee lee
Director, staff affairs

Lee is a student at New York University studying the most NYU major ever: Media Culture and Communications with a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. He hails from Las Vegas as a young, scrappy, and hungry Korean boy. Now, Lee is a scappier, hungrier, but emotionally not older, suffering college boy. When Lee isn’t calling his mom, begging for money, he’s working for the jobs he can’t explain. Why can’t they be explained, you ask your computer screen? Because Lee doesn’t know what he’s doing either.

If you catch Lee, you might want to ask him, “Lee you’re staff affairs. What do you even do for us?” Well, if you’re not on staff, don’t fret. You can find Lee during the conference running around, taking all your conference rants, cleaning up his own mistakes, and advertising how lit the delegate dance will be this year.

michael vu
Director, staff affairs

Michael is a current fourth year student at NYU from the sticks of Missouri majoring in Computer Science at Courant with a minor in Cybersecurity from Tandon.

He was involved with the Pirates of the Caribbean in EmpireMUNC II, JCC Milan in EmpireMUNC III, and the German Reunification in EmpireMUNC IV and would love to see returnees from those committees back at EmpireMUNC V!

Carina Kenney
Director, Logistics

Carina is a current Junior at NYU, studying History and Anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences. Originally from San Diego, California, Carina had never done Model UN before college, but has since found an amazing group of friends in this club. Since joining she has been a Vice Chair, Assistant Crisis Director, and Chair for various committees. 

Outside of being a student at NYU and doing Model UN, Carina enjoys collecting comic books and attending the opera. She is also an avid petter of dogs and enjoys spending time at the many museums that can be found here in New York. She is extremely excited to serve as Director of Logistics and hopes that you have an incredible time at EmpireMUNC V!

Andrew Stein
Director, Marketing

Andrew Stein is a current Junior at NYU’s College of Arts and Science studying Economics and minoring in Business Studies and History. Andrew grew up in Warren, New Jersey. Throughout High School, Andrew was President of his High School Model UN team for 3 years and spent that time organizing club events, conferences, and training. It was during that time that his love for Model UN emerged. Over the last two years, Andrew has used his experience marketing for a corporate real estate firm, co-chairing the German Reunification Committee of EmpireMUNC IV and is extremely excited to be serving as this year’s Director of Marketing! 

Apart from being a student at NYU, Andrew is a passionate skier and swimmer and spends most of his time exploring NYC’s museums, concert venues, and parks. As Andrew is very into fashion he can regularly be found scouring the city’s boutiques and shops looking for the latest trends. A lifetime fan of British Culture, he is currently studying abroad in London for the semester but can normally be found at his NYC apartment spending time with friends and family.

Luc lavatai
Director, Training

Luc is a fourth-year at NYU Stern concentrating in Finance and Management. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Luc is an avid beach, Poké, and sushi enthusiast. He first joined Model UN in High School, and competed extensively across several contents at conferences including VMUN, MUNOS, WAMUNC, and PACMUN. Alongside his duties as Director of Training, Luc also concurrently served on the NYUMUNC IX's Secretariat and as a member of the NYU Collegiate Travel Team.

When not in the library or in class, you’ll likely find him at a cafe enjoying an iced coffee, or playing with his morbidly obese cat, Bobo. Luc is very excited to serve as Director of Training for EmpireMUNC V, and looks forward to returning to the training program for the fourth year, with fresh eyes and big dreams. He’s anxious to prepare the next generation of delegates and staffers for NYU’s premiere high school MUN conference.