General Crisis Committees

A Crisis Committee can be thought of as a less formal, faster paced, and more spontaneous GA committee with the delegates representing actual characters instead of countries. Imagine being a leader or group and facing a crisis. There isn’t time to write large resolutions so instead there are informal directives. We’re excited to announce EmpireMUNC VI’s General Crisis Committees:

Rise of the Second Cold War

Less than thirty years since the collapse of the Soviet Union and a second cold war is on the rise. With Russian interference in the United States Presidential election in 2016, and increased Russian presence abroad, Vladimir Putin is looking to return Russia to its former glory.  This committee collection of oligarchs, state security officials, politicians, and military officers will take action that will not only change the future of the Russian Federation but ripple across the globe.  

King Philip II, Spain’s Golden Age

It’s been nearly 100 years since Columbus discovered the New World for the Spanish Crown.  Over the course of the 16th century, Spain has transformed from a prominent European power to the world’s leading Colonial Empire.  Controlling some of the most valuable colonies in the Americas and across the world, Spain’s seat of power doesn’t come without challenges.  Surrounded by enemies both on the home front and abroad, the crown will have to fight if it hopes to maintain its global empire.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Coming from one of the most iconic legends in the history of literature, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is the perfect blend of literary and historical elements in one committee.  Whether dealing with a Saxon invasion of England or some of the more fantastical elements of Arthurian Legend, the actions of King Arthur’s knights will undoubtedly decide the future of Britain and all its people.

Mexican War of Independence

Spain’s colonial empire is crumbling.  With wars of independence flaring up all throughout Spain’s Colonies, Ferdinand VII is at risk of losing the foundation of Spain’s New World Empire.  This unlikely collection of rebels stands to take on a world power whose reach spans to nearly every corner of the globe. After nearly three centuries of Spanish colonial rule, this committee will undertake the near impossible and build a truly free and independent Mexico.

adhoc committee of the secretary-general

This unique and advanced committee requires some extra effort from the its delegates. While all the rest of the committees release their topics and background information in advance, the Ad-Hoc committee topics will be made available to delegates only a few days before the conference. Delegates will have to adapt to the situation on hand and find solutions all at a moments notice.