General Crisis Committees

A Crisis Committee can be thought of as a less formal, faster paced, and more
spontaneous GA committee with the delegates representing actual characters instead of
countries. Imagine being a leader or group and facing a crisis. There isn’t time to write large
resolutions so instead there are informal directives.

Star Wars: Birth of the Rebellion

Over a decade since the fall of the Jedi, the Empire has extended its reach to nearly every corner of the galaxy. With Republic loyalists unable to stay in the shadows, many are ready to stand against the Emperor’s oppression. Resisting the Empire is going to be dangerous and it’s up to this committee to build itself across every corner of the galaxy.  If freedom and the age of the Republic are ever going to have a New Hope then failure is not an option.

Veni Vidi Vici: The Rise of Caesar

The road to power leads to Rome.  After years of conflict and conquest in the name of the Republic, Caesar is being called upon to give up his military command, and risk judgement by the Senate. Fearing his enemies seek to end his bid for power, Caesar is marching his legion towards the Rubicon. As ambitious young Romans, it is up to you to pick sides and decide the future of Rome. Whatever comes next, Rome will undoubtedly be changed forever.   

Post World War 2 Italian Mafia

The year is 1953. Dwight Eisenhower is President, the Cold War is in full swing, and there has never been a better time to be in organized crime. Leaving bootlegging and the petty days of prohibition in the past, you will represent an entirely new breed of American criminal. With Las Vegas gambling still in its infancy, the strongest American economy in decades, and potential for expansion across the world, it’s up to this committee to work to bring the Mafia into an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity.  Play your cards right and you’ll be bigger than U.S. Steel.

President Rouhani’s Iranian Cabinet

At the center of a constantly changing geopolitical landscape, Iran is poised to lead the future of the Middle East. Despite internal conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and other regional disputes, President Rouhani has taken Iran back to the global negotiating table, resolving decades worth of tension between Iran and other states. With new found stability and strength, as well as the near collapse of many of its neighbors, it will be up to this committee to position Iran as a regional leader that will shape the Middle East and the world for years to come.

Thai Military Coup 2014

Years of corruption and incompetence in Thailand can no longer go unanswered. People are fed up and some only see one solution for political change: a coup d’etat. Among the upper echelons of Thailand’s military a conspiracy has been brewing to start what would be the 19th coup in the country’s history. The actions of these officers will decide their and their country’s future in the years to come. With success uncertain, the only bigger question is whether these men will take Thailand for the people, or for themselves.   

Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary-general

More information will be provided at a later date.