War of Worlds: Republic of Gilead


Vivian So
Crisis Director


The Republic of Gilead, born from the ashes of a devastating nuclear war, is governed by a totalitarian regime based on an extreme interpretation of the Bible. Over two hundred years after the Resistance, led by Handmaids as they attempted to overthrow a regime that exploits and marginalized women but was ultimately crushed by the military, a new wave of resentment against the government is brewing. As citizens across all societal roles become disillusioned by the dystopia that Gilead has become, domestic conflicts are further complicated by the restoration of communication between the other two nations, Oceania and Mediterranea, which could potentially lead to war over disputed territories and fundamental beliefs. Delegates will be faced with the fundamental questions such as how societies should interact, how they should be structured, the roles of genders in society, and many more during the course of the conference as they seek to seize power and achieve an “ideal” society.