Joint-Crisis Committees

JCCs function very similarly to Crisis Committees. Like General Crisis Committees, each committee within a JCC has it’s own Chair, Crisis Director, and Crisis Staffers. However, every committee in a JCC is interconnected, both thematically and practically. Joined by a central issue, the committees in a JCC interact with one another: delegates in each JCC committee can interact with the delegates in other committees. We’re excited to announce EmpireMUNC VI’s Joint Crisis Committees:

Avatar the Last Airbender (3-WAY UNIVERSE)

The Hundred Years War is a major global military conflict involves the Fire Nation breaking the peace, due to the absence of an Avatar, in pursuit of world domination. After wiping out almost all of the Air nomads, the Fire Nation uses its military might to cause widespread destruction to the other nations, invading and colonizing the Earth Kingdom and raiding (and nearly destroying) the Southern Water Tribes. As the conflict continues, will the other two nations create an alliance? Will the Fire Nation successfully establish a worldwide empire?

  • Fire Nation

  • Earth Kingdom

  • Water Tribes

The Troubles (2-WAY UNIVERSE)

The Troubles were an ethno-nationalist conflict taking place in the later half of the 20th century over the status of Northern Ireland as a part of the United Kingdom. It has to do with a struggle between the primarily protestant Northern Irish Unionists who were in favor of Northern Ireland remaining in the UK, and the Irish nationalists in support of a United Ireland. In a 40-year period, paramilitary groups clash, religious discrimination against Northern Irish Catholics turns violent, and civilian lives are lost.

  • The UK Government

  • The Irish Republican Government