World Bank (WB)


This session will focus on A) World Bank initiatives for before and after disaster strikes due to climate change, and B) Latin America as a Global Economic Prospect. The World Bank Group developed the Climate Change Action Plan in 2016 in an effort to help shape national investment plans and policies regarding climate change. The Action Plan solidifies the WBG’s commitment to increase the climate-related share of its portfolio from 21 to 28 percent by 2020 in response to client demand, with total financing (including leveraged co-financing) of potentially $29 billion per year by 2020. At this moment, the WBG’s resources are too small to efficiently finance needs for resilient, low-carbon growth for a greener planet. Policy and institutional support for national investment plans and for facilitating private sector initiatives will be critical to having impact at scale.

Topic A - Climate Change: World Bank Initiatives

Topic B - Latin America: A Global Economic Prospect