All-American Model United Nations


The All-american model un program focuses on education.

their programs combine the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in Model UN with the goal of applying them to the broader academic context.

Education is focused on the core concepts:

Develop Hard Skills Needed to Succeed in College

Model UN provides an incredible platform on which to develop a number of tangible skills. The All-American Model UN program emphasizes quantitative research, policy research, presentation and public speaking, and written and oral argument construction. Every student must write a position paper and receives 10 hours of writing review.

Provide a Truly Cross-Cultural Experience

We’re not saying there isn’t value in ordering coffee at a French cafe, but it’s a completely upgraded experience if you have to debate effects of globalization on the coffee trade with a French peer.

Create life-long relationships

Mentors take a strong interest in the success of all students because we were there not too long ago! By accepting only the best students, we keep our teams small and elite, allowing our mentors to build connections that last through the years.

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