United Nations Security Council (UNSC)


One of the six main organs to the UN, the Security Council is tasked with maintaining international peace and security. EmpireMUNC’s 5th session for this committee will focus on the forgotten issues of A) Jihadism in Bangladesh and B) the crisis in Yemen. An issue dating back to 2013, political polarization in Bangladesh has opened up the jihadist movement into politics. These same groups are responsible for conducting a string of attacks over the past few years, some targeting secular activists, others Bangladeshi minorities. Despite the urgency of the issue and needing to end the spread/funding sources to Jihadist movement, it has never been discussed by the Security Council. The War in Yemen (which began March 2015) has put the nation on a path of deterioration. In an aim to stop Houthi-rebels by Saudi Arabia, the country is a humanitarian catastrophe: hunger and fighting has (and could even more) provoke mass famine and waves of refugees, the conflict could destabilize Saudi Arabia, and both sides appear locked in a cycle of escalating violence. With the most recent development of the murder of Former President Saleh, the collapse of the Houthi-Saleh alliance is likely to prolong Yemen’s war and the suffering of its people.

Topic A - Countering Jihadist Militancy in Bangladesh

Topic B - Crisis in Yemen